Monthly Archives: October 2015

Interactive Video Tutorials

The key to winning user adoption is the transition of a new user from a curious spectator to an active participant.
This means helping the user answer two questions:

  • How do I use this?
  • What can I do with it?

Creating effective tutorials can address both questions by easing the user into the software and helping them to get comfortable while completing simple exercises that are indicative of the practical use cases for your application. Read More

Immersive Onboarding – a new web video experience

If you think about it, the video gaming industry has been building fully immersive onboarding experiences for years, where sophisticated hardware and gaming engines walk users through a setup and train them to play the game.

If you are driving a web application, creating a rich, immersive onboarding experience for your new users has not been a technically viable option, until now. Read More