Beyond interactive storytelling

Interactive storytelling was one of the first applications for interactive video, but today it has evolved into a truly functional business tool with Exaltive’s Video Guided Workflows. Read More

The making of “You Are Exceptional”

The “You are Exceptional” video was designed to showcase the features of Exaltive’s video guided workflow technology. There are some obvious features and a few some not-so-obvious features and here we explain how these work together to inspire user behavior in ways that are not possible with other technologies.

WARNING, This blog contains spoilers, so if you have not seen the video now is your chance! Read More

Exaltive is Now Available on The Learning Exchange

The eLearning Guild recently announced an exciting new way to share and learn – The Learning Exchange. The Learning Exchange encourages Guild members to learn from each other based on their experiences. The Exchange is based on the concept of video based learning. One can share/upload videos for others to learn from. It also enables members to collaborate amongst themselves on various topics.

Exaltive is also available as a course on the Exchange now. Read More

The Tipping Point for Interactive Video?

As I write this, YouTube videos are being viewed over four billion times every day. Add to that, numerous other sources of videos, and it is not hard to notice the explosion of videos all around.  Whether you want to entertain yourself, or learn something quickly, or check out a product, or watch a piece of news, the preferred medium is videos.

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When Fashion Tutorials Meet Exaltive

Have a look at this video – “25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!”  
Judging from this video’s almost 30 million views, it appears everyone would agree that it is a very effective fashion training video. Going by the popularity and effectiveness of this video, the Exaltive team decided to enhance it using Exaltive. I would be delighted to say that this video served as a great example of how an effective video can be made even better when it is made interactive. The Exaltive interactive version of the video would get you the effective training benefit in about 1.5 minutes, i.e. about 3x faster than the original video. Let’s look at how this happened. Read More

Interactive Videos – A Step Ahead

In my last blog, I introduced you to interactive videos, videos that go beyond play, pause, rewind and forward, videos that are capable of fast navigation, informative overlays, and interactions that engage the user; videos that let you search for what you need and help you learn what’s important. That was the starting point for Exaltive.

With its latest release, Exaltive has gone a step ahead and introduced a set of new features which are interactive in every sense and give control to the viewer. A quick summary of these features: Read More

Exaltive – An Interactive Video Platform

There is no doubt of the fact that everyone likes watching videos. Videos comprise a good portion of the media in markets like online education, corporate training and internal communication. They also play an important role in fields like news, entertainment, TV, advertisements and so on. However, most of the videos that are published today are just plain ‘videos’ – scenes with sound.

To create a lively and engaging video experience, you’ll have to incorporate the right kind of interactivity in it.
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